These delightful treats from the sea are so delicious and healthy at the same time! What more could anyone ask for? Here’s a few happy but healthy seafood dishes:


PHOTO: Delicious. Magazine

Jack Salmon Fish & Grill (Salt Rock)

Captains Platter – Be spontaneous and enjoy the catch of the day recommended by the captain of Jack Salmon or Kingclip, served with Prawns and Calamari. Prepared with only the best seasoning.



John Dory’s

Island Platter – Literally all the favourites on one platter! These amazing delights are served with sauces full of flavour and a portion of rice to add that extra something special to your dish.


PHOTO: John Dory’s.

Ocean Basket

Platter for Two – Share a divine platter of seafood with a loved one. What better way is there to bond? Great portions and even greater taste.


PHOTO: John Dory’s

Jimmys Killer Prawns

Prawn Fiesta – Feast on the scrumptious prawn fiesta! Will definitely keep you coming back for more. Just the right amount of seafood tang.


PHOTO: Jimmys Killer Prawns.

By Kreanne Jaipal

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