Whether it’s a festive day, birthday or girls night out, cocktails are always on the agenda for morning, day or night!

Here are a few places that won’t disappoint with their cocktails and mocktails.

Cafe La Plage

With over 20 uniquely luxurious flavours to choose from, this stylish and venue offers only the best in fine dining and exquisite cocktails. You can anticipate cocktails like, Roasted Summer.


PHOTO: Pinterest

Moyo – uShaka Pier

Quench your thirst with a classic daiquiri or a signature African Tiki cocktail served in an actual tiki mug.


PHOTO: Vogue


There’s something for everyone! You don’t need alcohol to enjoy a good cocktail. Continental stocks innovative mocktails that will have you asking for more!


PHOTO: Luxury Magazine

Taco Zulu
Choose from a selection of cocktails that will leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store. Who wouldn’t indulge in a Wicks bubblegum daiquiri or a watermelon cosmopolitan.


PHOTO: Vindulge


Turkish delight doesn’t only have to be a treat, it can be a drink too! Vodka, cranberry juice, and rose syrup all put in a glass to make the perfect pink drink.


PHOTO: Shades of cinnamon.


By: Lisanne Lazarus

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