Smoothie bowls are exactly what they sound like, except they’re better. You can create pretty much any combo of flavours that you want and then top it with your favourite fruits and other crunchy things like cereal and nuts. This means it’s more satisfying than a regular smoothie because you can’t down it 10 seconds.


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Smoothie bowls are super trendy because they are so pretty, delicious and healthy!!

Tip: If you want to make a pretty design, add the heaviest ingredients last.


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Want to make a¬†Strawberries N’ Cream Smoothie Bowl? Here’s an easy recipe for a delicious smoothie bowl.


1 Tub of yoghurt
Maple syrup
Vanilla (A few drops)
Strawberries (Dependent on your liking)


Assorted Berries
Pumpkin seeds
Chia seeds


To make the smoothie, blend strawberries, yogurt, maple syrup and vanilla. The toppings are cornflakes, strawberries, blueberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and a drizzle of yogurt. Scale the toppings up or down on this one depending on what you have on hand.


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By Kreanne Jaipal

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